UHF&NFC Dual Tag

It is possible to develop a new system by combining a UHF tag and an NEC tag!

>UHF&NFC Dual Tag

International patent acquisition

This tag is a tag for which both UHF and HF (NFC) are combined.

General Specification

Card Tag Size ISO Card/38mm×76mm
IC Chip Higgs3/MONZA5/R6 + Mifare1K or UL or NTAG
Material PET、PVC
Antenna Aluminum etching
Communication Range * UHF=3m~8m HF=5mm~30mm
Deliverable Shape Dry inlay/Small card/ISO card/Label Tag

* It depends on the reader and the surrounding environment.


Normally the communication range becomes shorter if two antennas are located near each other due to interference.
As for this tag, the two antennas are not combined physically, but are connected electrically, and the improvement of the communication distance is realized.
E-Garde Corporation applied for a patent for this technique in 2014.

Electrical Characteristic

International Standard UHF:EPC Class1 Generation2  HF:ISO14443A
Air Interface Protocol ISO18000-3/6C
Operating Frequency 860Mhz-960Mhz/13.56MHz
IC Chip Higgs3/MONZA5/R6 + Mifare1K or UL or NTAG
Memory Content UHF:EPC:96bits TID:64bits User memory:512bits
HF:Mifare1K= ID=4byte or7byte User memory=752byte
HF:MifareUL= ID=7byte User memory=48byte
HF:NTAG ID=7byte
User memory NTAG213 144byte / NTAG215 504byte / NTAG216 888byte

Operating Environment

Operating Temperature -20℃~70℃
Storage Environment 1 Year 20℃/Humidity 50%


UHF: Reading at gates (Traffic line management)
NFC: Personal identification (E-money, Advertisement by linking to a URL)

〈Example:Traceability of luxury fruits〉

Managed by NFC smartphone and UHF reader/writer

  • 1.Dual tag attached to the product box.
  • 2.A farmer register harvesting information on NFC smartphones.
  • 3.In the warehouse and market, read by UHF reader/writer
  • 4.Consumer confirms product information using NFC.
Example:Traceability of luxury fruits

〈Example:Line management〉

Example:Line management