Label Tag (Seal Tag)

Label Tag (Seal Tag)

【What is a label tag?】

A label tag is a contactless IC inlay processed as a seal.
It is easy to attach a label tag, so a label tag is useful.
There are various kinds of label tags, so it is necessary to select an optimum one depending on the conditions of use.

【How to select a label tag】

There are various kinds of label tags, so it is necessary to select a label tag depending on the usage and the location.
When there is no suitable existing tag, it is necessary to design and develop a new one.
E-Garde develops new tags positively.

【Points in selecting a tag】

Communication Range How long is the required communication distance? Which reader/writer is used?
Security Is it OK for anyone to read? Is it necessary to hide data?
System Installation Environment Is there water/metal that interferes with the communication of RFID? It is necessary to consider the conditions such as temperature and humidity.
Object Characteristics of RFID change depending on the object to be attached to, and the communication distance is also affected by the object. Removability depends on the combination of adhesive and object. And an object might be dirty if an adhesive infiltrates.
Printing The tag to be selected changes depending on the necessity of printing on the tag surface.

Tag List

Name Frequency IC Chip Tag Size
FeliCaLite-S Label Tag HF FeliCaLite-S 26mm×50mm Label tag with FeliCalite-S, an IC chip with good performance, inside
Mifare 1K Label Tag
(Paper or PET)
HF Mifare1K 15mm×30mm Label tag with Mifare 1K, one of the most popular IC chips in the world, inside
Mifare UL Label Tag
(Paper or PET)
HF MifareUL 29mm×79mm Label tag with Mifare UL, an IC chip that is more inexpensive than Mifare 1K, inside
IcodeSLIx Label Tag
(Paper or PET)
HF IcodeSLIx 41mm×25mm Label tag with Icode SLIx, an IC chip used for goods management, inside
IcodeSLI Ultra Small Label Tag
(Jewelry Tag)
HF IcodeSLIx 10mm×20mm Small tag with high communication capability that can be used as a price tag case for jewelry etc. easily
IcodeSLIx Transparent Tag
(HF Tag for Picture Books)
HF IcodeSLIx 49mm×81mm Transparent type HF tag that does not conceal characters/pictures under the label
NTAG Label Tag HF NTAGxxx φ28mm General purpose type NFC tag/Tag that can be attached easily because of the round shape
NTAG Ultra Small Label Tag HF NTAGxxx 10mm×20mm Small tag for matching which is mainly embedded in devices
Forgery Preventing Tag HF NTAG/UL φ28mm Forgery preventing tag which becomes broken once it has been peeled off
General Purpose Type
UHF Label Tag
UHF Higgs3 or 4 21.2mm×73.5mm General purpose type UHF label with multiple sizes
UHF Monza5 17mm×72mm
UHF Monza5 34mm×60mm
UHF Label Tag
Corresponding to Glass
UHF Higgs3 23.2mm×96.5mm UHF tag suitable for glass
Long Range
Communication UHF Tag
UHF Monza4E 12.31mm×98.18mm Long Range Tag
Small UHF Label Tag UHF Monza4 10mm×25mm Mid Range Tag
UHF Monza4 19.05mm×30mm Mid Range Tag
UHF Monza5 φ15mm Short Range Tag
UHF Label Tag for Books UHF Monza4QT 6mm×94mm Narrow tag which can be concealed in books
Communication UHF Tag
UHF Monza4 50.8mm×50.8mm Omni tag that can be read from any direction
UHF Label for Low
Dielectric Constant Material
UHF Monza4 15mm×100mm Corresponding to dielectric constant material