RFID produsts

IC chips that we deal with

Mifare family /FeliCa series /ISO15693 / EM / Hi-tag / UHF

Product shapes that we provide

ISO card / Heat-resistance tag / Label tag / Shock-resistance tag / On metal tag / Wrist band tag Etc.

Other products

We can provide any shapes and chips that customer required.

E-garde supplies reliable quality products.
First the defective rate of our products in the market was 0.0025% (from2008 to2010) , because carry out double quality inspection based on our experience of the overseas factory and domestic factory.
In addition, we can offer a product to keep quality in conformity to each country. In our business, we perform a plan, a design, inspection in the headquarter (Tokyo) ,and produce it in an overseas manufacturing facility.
Therefore, shipment is possible directly from overseas factory and can reduce the cost without sacrifice quality.
About our production line, the annual sales of the card and tag exceed 10million pieces, and the capacity of the production line is monthly several million pieces.