Tokyo Factory

At the Tokyo Factory located in Horikiri, Katsushika, processing of smart cards and tags such as IC paper card manufacturing, inkjet printing, retransfer printing, direct printing, laser marking and encoding etc. are conducted.
In addition, all of products including products manufactured at the China Factory are inspected at the Tokyo Factory in accordance with the Japanese standards, and after confirming that there is no quality problem, we deliver them to our customers.
After the initial flow management, a system to maintain the quality (e.g. quantity inspection according to the JIS/ISO standards) established by our QA Section is conducted, so the quality is maintained.

  • Tokyo Factory
  • Tokyo Factory

We conduct printing and processing in the cleanroom and operators wear dustproof clothing to minimize adhesion of foreign matters to products.
Of course, we work on maintaining and improving the quality of our products on a daily basis.
And we use a dustproof system equivalent to Japanese automobile factories.

  • Tokyo Factory
  • Tokyo Factory
  • Tokyo Factory
  • Tokyo Factory

【Production equipment】

  • Cleanroom
  • Printing machine for resin
  • Automatic laser marking system
  • Thermal card printer
  • Retransfer card printer
  • Label encoding printer
  • Card cleaning device
  • On-demand printer
  • Paper card manufacturing equipment
  • 3D printer

【Inspection equipment】

  • Automatic smart card inspection equipment
  • UHF band IC tag inspection equipment
  • Anechoic chamber Spectrum analyzer
  • Label tag strength inspection device
  • Label tag automatic inspection device
  • Force gauge
  • Digital microscope
  • Thermostat


  • Access control by IC card
  • 24-hour security by SECOM
  • Continuous monitoring by surveillance cameras


Address : 3-32-13 Horikiri, Katsushikaku, Tokyo, Japan


10 minutes walk from Horikirisyobuen Station on the Keisei Line.

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China Factory

The China Factory located in Dongguan, China, manufactures plastic cards and tags such as smart cards/ tags, contact type IC cards, magnetic cards etc.
The China Factory communicates with the headquarter closely and manufactures products. As for the products manufactured at this factory, the primary inspection is conducted at this factory, and then the products are sent to the Tokyo Factory for the final quality assurance process. After the final quality assurance process, the products are shipped to the market.

  • China Factory
  • China Factory

When entering the China Factory, it is required to wear dustproof clothing and take measures to minimize adhesion of foreign matters to products. In addition, the inside of the factory is put in order and the clean condition is maintained always to manufacture better products.

【Production equipment】

  • Cleanroom
  • Offset printing machine
  • RFID antenna manufacturing machine
  • Chip mounter
  • Bonding machine
  • Plastic card crimping machine
  • Punching machine
  • Laser marking system

【Production capacity】

  • Smart card / tag production capacity: 480 thousand sheets

(as of 2017)


  • ISO 9001 certification acquired (May 2017)
  • ISO 14001 certification acquired (May 2017)