■Handling of personal imformation

Our site observes laws and ordinances about the personal information and other rules and for protection of the important personal information of the visitor. We regard that we protect a privacy policy, personal information and setting contents as a duty when we perform operation. Regardless of the application from our web page, the application by the inquiry, the inquiry with an email, the telephone, We shall handle it about information (following "personal information") that can distinguish a specific individual stated clearly by a visitor as follows.

※The personal information means a full name, an address, a phone number, an e-mail address about the information that can distinguish a visitor.

※When we collect personal information, we clarify a collection purpose and collect the personal information that is within a necessary range. We try for appropriate management about the personal information that I acquired and try for a leak of the personal information, manipulation, unjust invasive prevention.We offer the personal information that we acquired to the third party except the case of each next clause as a general rule and do not disclose it.

※当When there are a written official cooperation request, inquiry from a person having inquiry authority legally. When there is the agreement of the customer.

※When a customer inquire about the personal information of own, and corrections are hoped for, please let me cope only when we can confirm that it is a customer by the method that we establish.

※We observe Japanese laws and ordinances applied about the personal information that we hold, other rules review contents of this policy appropriately and act for the improvement.