RFID Solution

Contactless IC is wireless equipment. Moreover, the most popular type currently is the passive type, and the data carrier side (a card or a tag) does not have a power source.
The handling is more severe than you can imagine, such as generating electricity with a weak radio wave from a reader/writer.
Even if you purchase multiple kinds of card under the same standard, the communication characteristics might vary and it might be impossible to communicate.
This phenomenon occurs because the characteristic of a communication ability depends on the specification of the card maker, even if the card size and the chip correspond to a standard of JIS or ISO.
Also, if you purchase a cheap card easily, the cost in the end might be higher, because many problems such as printing defects or communication failures occur frequently.
E-Garde supports every and any thing related to contactless IC, including advice concerning communication, setting, and operation when you start using the product, as well as countermeasures in case of problems.

Contents of Consulting

【Consulting before introducing IC card and tag】

When introducing for the first time, especially when using contactless IC for the first time, there might be many things that you don't know, such as the communication characteristic, the security method and data to be stored.
E-Garde will check your requirements, and propose the optimum chip, the optimum shape and a long life material at as low a cost as possible so that contactless IC reaches its full potential.
One consideration of an operation might be connected to the improvement of security and operational optimization.
E-Garde's experienced staff will propose the optimum plan for your company..


Is a material strong enough for a specification environment?

【Consulting Points of RFID】

Consulting Points of RFID

【Failure cause investigation in current system】

There are two types of failures, one for which a cause can be specified immediately, and one for which a cause cannot be specified immediately.
For example, it can be said that a failure of printing/marking by a printer is one for which a cause can be specified easily.
On the other hand, as for communication failures, most of the cases are ones for which it is difficult to specify causes.
For example, a case in which a communication failure occurs frequently even though the reader side works normally and a card or a tag works normally under normal conditions.
Like this, among wireless systems, there are cases for which causes of communication errors cannot be specified immediately.
E-Garde investigates when, where and what kind of a phenomenon occurs by utilizing various tests including the measurement using a spectrum analyzer based on a lot of experience.

UHF band passive tag analysis

Frequency characteristic
Frequency characteristic

Directional characteristics
Directional characteristics

Example of analysis by spectrum analyzer

  • Example of resonance frequency of data carrier

    Example of resonance frequency of data carrier

  • Example of output from reader/writer

    Example of output from reader/writer

Proposal of solution

As for security and operation, E-grade will submit a proposal and discuss a better way.
When a problem concerning cost or communication occurs, there is an individual cause, so E-Garde will propose the best solution each time.
One thing that is clear is that E-Garde has a lot of knowledge related to RFID (printing of cards, design of antenna, and design of data in memory etc.) accumulated over years.
Please utilize our knowledge.

Support after introduction

An IC card is not used alone, because if a card is just to be shown, a card without an IC chip is enough.
An IC card is embedded in a system, and takes a task for data authentication or to carry data.
Therefore, we will continue to provide support. It's no exaggeration to say that our task starts when we deliver a product to a customer.
We always make an effort to provide quality support such as inquiry by phone, on-site investigation and provision of new information.

Actual consultation cases.

【Company D】 Consulting for existing system (communication failure)

A case in which a card could not be read occurred at an introduction site of an RFID system frequently.

As a result of a characteristic investigation on the card and a reader/writer, it became clear that the reader/writer and the card were not corresponding with each other.

The problem was solved by improving the reader/writer and creating a card customized for the reader/writer.

【Company C】 Consulting for existing system (Printing defect)

A case in which the surface of a card peeled off occurred at an introduction site of an RFID system frequently.

As a result of an investigation on the card, it became clear that the protection of the printing layer was weak.

The problem was solved by changing the manufacturing method of the card to adopt a strong printing protection method.

【Company A】 Consulting for new introduction (FeliCa format)

The customer was considering introducing a FeliCa employee card, but could not fix which data to put inside due to lack of experience.

E-Garde submitted a data format draft such as area and service contents, and discussed the matter with the customer closely.

As a result, our plan was adopted, and now the system is working without any problems.

【Company O】 Consulting for new introduction (Mifare security)

The customer was considering introducing a Mifare member card, but the project stalled because the customer didn't know how to secure the security, even though they had to put point information on the card.

E-Garde proposed the access limitation by using Key A and Key B of a Mifare card, settings of each data block and the operation of the reader/writer.

As a result, our plan was adopted, and now the system is working without any problem.

【Company Y】 Consulting for existing system (Improvement of lead time and reduction of cost)

The customer used to purchase an IC card from a different vendor. The quality was not so bad, but the customer had a problem with the long lead time

E-Garde proposed ordering an IC card to our company and changing the processing method.

As a result, our plan was adopted, and the customer succeeded in shortening the lead time and reducing the cost for a small quantity.

【Company R】

Many users complained to the customer that there were problems reading the card.

As a result of investigating 2,000 unused cards coming from the same stock, it became clear that the characteristics of the individual cards varied considerably.
Furthermore, it became clear that there were at least three kinds coming from different factories.

E-Garde submitted a report to Company R, and R returned the cards to the supplier.